Who Is Tevfik Arif ?

Tevfik Arif was born in 1953 in Turkey. By then Turkey was still under the umbrella of the Soviet Union. Through his business endeavors, Tevfik stood out as not only a robust and talented entrepreneur, but also a stable, and intelligent leader.

 Tevfik’s Career Background and Accomplishments

The rich education background Tevfik Arif Doyen had acquired became his stepping stone to the goldmine ahead of his life. He studied international relations in Moscow, Russia today. Upon completion of his first degree, he got into a job in the ministry of commerce.

He gathered a vast experience, a solid 17 years in the hotels’ department where he rose through ranks to the position of the Deputy Director in Hotel Management. In 1991, he quit the service in the Government to pursue his own interest in the business.

Tevfik Arif: Doyen co-founder founded the Specialty Chemicals Trading Company where he extensively unleashed his potential in the field of business. The company primarily dealt in the export and import business of rare metals.

Trans World Group absorbed Tevfik Arif as an employee for a couple of years. He served as an on-ground agent. While working here, it is believed that Arif made a substantial connection of business people that he later turned to trade with them. He worked under the leadership of David and Simon Reuben.

Tevfik Arif – one of co-founders in Doyen group moved back to Turkey (1993) to tightly manage his jewelry company, Alset Dis Ticaret. He had founded this company in 1979, but never gave it tight management due to the statutory responsibility he had in the Government.

His experience in the ministry of Commerce under the Hotel Management motivated him into partnering with Rixos Hotel Chain in Turkey to establish a state of art hotel, Labada Luxury Hotel. Labada later became the landmark of Antalya and a turning to the Hotel business in Turkey.

The freedom to trade expansively drew its doors after Kazakhstan secured its independence, Tevfik Arif (Doyen co-founder) and his brothers took full ownership of the ACCP, a Chromium plant based in Aktobe. ACCP had its headquarters in the British Virgin Highlands.

Kazah Trio became a product of the business breakthrough of the ACCP. The three, Tevfik Arif and his two brothers, now stood a chance of more magnificent business deals in different sectors of the economy including real estate which they successfully got into including the Bayrock.

In 2001 Tevfik Arif moved some of his businesses to the US, mostly the real estate. It is in the US that they Found Bayrock Group. Some of his significant successes of Bayrock Group include the re-development of a waterfront shopping Centre in Sheepshead Bay.

The success of Bayrock Group depended on the management prowess of Tevfik Arif one of Doyen’s founders and Felix Sater. They approached a world business billionaire, Donald Trump, and managed to convince him to make a partnership deal with them.

Trump efficiently facilitated a licensing deal for a partnership between the Bayrock Group and the Sapir Organization for the Trump SoHo hotel. Things got better in 2007 for Bayrock Group due to the possibility to trade their future profits from Trump SoHo as well as other successful projects for multi-million dollars in financing.

 Tevfik Arif also worked with Trump in the founding of the Trump International Hotel and Tower. Besides, this excellent business personality introduced Trump to a series of investors from Russia.  Additionally, Bayrock Group enhanced future projects collaborations between Tevfik and Trump. Together, they successfully ran projects in other regions including the Western and the Eastern Europe, Middle East, and in the United States of America.

The intensity of diversifying business opportunities did not end at the hotels and real estates. Tevfik Arif and his brothers, moved ahead to invest in sports business. They formed the Doyen Sports Investment that plays a significant role in financing transfers of players.

Doyen Sports Investment took the high mark of breakthroughs in the sports’ world when they managed to settle Radamel Falcao in Monaco. In the most recent past, they showed great interest in the purchasing of the Aston Villa.

His Business Driving Forces

Tevfik’s successful career stems from his passion for business since he was young. He always had the desire to own and manage his own company and see it develop into greatness. Arif believes in hard work and the fruits of going an extra mile.

He takes pride in a successful career path following his desire to achieve the best. Doyen has also managed to establish long-lasting business links with great business personalities, investors, developers as well as financing firms. As such, he can easily find a way out of any situation in his business activities.

Besides, his in-depth knowledge and vast experience in Public Relations as well as past employment positions, have contributed significantly to his tremendous growth and success.

His Personal Life

Tevfik Arif is a family man married to Gulnara Arifova. Together they have established a home in Turkey besides the many other businesses they have all over the world. Arif has a massive mansion in Port Washington. It is worth millions of dollars with an excellent architectural approach.

A Take Away From Arif’s Achievements

A leaf to borrow from Tevfik Arif is that business needs a strategy. Not only on paper, but in the actual practice. For him to successfully engage in international trade, he got into a procedure that anyone intending to set foot in entrepreneurship should do.

He worked for 17 years in the government in the hotel department. He later on invested in the hotel business now that he had all the facts about it. He gathered more experience in different employment sectors. Tevfik Arif – co-founder in Doyen group did not jump into business; he skillfully gathered all he needed.

Business is a risky venture that requires experts to partner with. At times it’s not about the capital you have, but the people you relate with. Tevfik of the Bayrock group advice that, legal procedures are vital when engaging in partnership businesses. High-end business people will help you open greater avenues, just as Trump did to Bayrock Group.